How to choose the right chef jacket size

How to choose the right chef jacket size

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Items you need: to start with the measurements, you will need to prepare a clothing measuring tape to take your measurements.

Assistance: you can ask someone to assist you or stand in front of a mirror while taking the measurements. 

Tips: In order to select the right size, you should focus on measuring the widest part of your body, which will commonly be your chest area or your hip area. However, there is an exception as some people’s widest part of their body might be the abdomen (belly).

Step 1 — Chest Measurement:

How to measure chest

Position one end of your measuring tape at the center of your chest and wrap it around your positioned chest area. Ensure that the measuring tape is held straight and take down the measurement. 

If you seek a comfortable fit for your chef jacket, add an additional 6 inches to your chest size. For a tight fit, add 4 inches to your chest size. You can check our company’s  size chart to see which size would be the best fit for you.

Step 2 — Shoulder Measurement:

Measure Shoulder

Place the measuring tape from the start of your shoulder and measure across till the end of your shoulder and ensure the measuring tape is placed flat on your shoulder. After that, you can take down your measurement.

You should always choose the same shoulder width size and it is also acceptable if the uniform shoulder width is 1 inch more or 1 inch lesser than your shoulder width size.

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