Q&A with Dr. Ezani Monoto, the owner of Pastribella Bakeshop

Q&A with Dr. Ezani Monoto, the owner of Pastribella Bakeshop

The journey to stardom for Dr. Ezani Farhana Md Monoto, popularly known as Dr. Ezani Monoto, commenced with her triumphant win in the first season of MasterChef Malaysia. At the age of 38, this accomplished celebrity chef serves as a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere.

Born into a family that highly values education, Dr. Ezani's upbringing was shaped by the academic influences of her parents. Her father's role as an Education Officer and her mother's position as a Principal laid the foundation for a life dedicated to dentistry. Dr. Ezani's career showcases the power of passion, determination, and a commitment to making a positive impact in different spheres of life.


Bonus Questions

1. Why are you passionate about being a chef?

For me, food and cooking is something that I’m really passionate about. Actually because I really love eating and I love to taste various types of food. I’d love to try to recreate and cook all these different dishes that I’ve tried and tasted before.


2. One advice you would give to a chef that is pursuing this career.

For someone who wants to pursue a career as a chef, for me the most important is our own taste and our own palate. We really have to know how to taste our food and we really have to love to eat. So that we can produce the food that people will love.


3. What qualities are the most essential for a successful chef?

I think as a chef, we can never stop learning, we are forever learning and we are forever wanting to try new things and experimenting. And also I think, it’s very important that we understand the ingredients and flavours. Because from very simple ingredients, we can create magic if you really understand the fundamentals.


Cafe address: D3-04-03 Tamarind Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Website: https://pastribella.com/

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