The Owner of Bawah Pokok Cafe - Muhammad Zulhilmi

The Owner of Bawah Pokok Cafe - Muhammad Zulhilmi

At a young age, he became an entrepreneur who owns a coffee cafe that is now widely known. Muhammad Zulhilmi, the owner of Bawah Pokok coffee shop, lives in Kampung Panjang Seri, Pagoh. He has a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. The beginning of finding experience in the business world by starting a small business by selling frozen food that is Samosa Umi Frozen Food. 


After his first own business, Muhammad Zulhilmi has taken a big step in the business world by opening a coffee bar known as Cafe Bawah Pokok. Cafe Bawah Pokok was launched on 24 June 2022 located in Kampung Panjang Sari, Pagoh. The passion and wisdom that he has, now Cafe Bawah Pokok has been widely known on social media. Cafe Bawah Pokok has also become the focus of people who like to hunt for coffee and cafes.


Q&A Session with the Owner

1.Tell us more about Bawah Pokok and its products

Bawah Pokok is one of the coffee bars which is located very far from the city. Our specialty is serving freshly brewed coffee that uses 100% arabica beans. We also serve pastries and cake to our customers for them to chill out from evening until late night. This will be the most suitable place for you to give some vibes.


2.What was the hardest part of opening this cafe?

The hardest part of course, comes from getting  some ingredients because of the village area and access logistics that are very poor that makes it difficult for them to reach us.


3.One advice to younger food entrepreneurs that want to start their own.

So my advice is do what you dreamed of. And the most important, do with your passion because passion makes money not just your hard work only, your hard work plus your passion makes more money. Good luck with all your dreams in the future.


Cafe address:  No 167, Jalan Teratai, Kampung Panjang Sari, 84600 Muar, Johor



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