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Chef Kitchen Clogs AH09

Chef Kitchen Clogs AH09

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*Ultra-Lightweight and Waterproof anti-slip chef clog*

*The weight of a pair of chef clog is 220g*


【Material Description】 

The covered chef clog is made of high-grade EVA elastic material. patented its anti-slip soles where it is highly water-resistant and oil-resistant rubber formula outsole. The curved sole is designed to reduce the stress of standing for long hours and prevent fatigue.


【Product Features】

  1. Suitable for all industries that require safety clog shoes.
  2. High anti-slip soles with high-grade EBA elastic material that can resist up 100,000 times of twists and turns without cracking.
  3. The lightweight and solid Q-elastic material reduce the pressure for standing for a long time.
  4. Special patented bottom flower design and professional oil-resistant rubber formula, super grip.
  5. Designed for comfort, easy wear, and take off.


【Extra Precautions】 

  1. Do not use in workplaces where pharmaceuticals such as strong acids and alkalis are used.
  2. Do not use above normal temperature, working environment (such as an oven) that directly contacts high-temperature materials will cause deformation.
  3. If symptoms such as itching or rash occur, stop using it.
  4. Please note that sweat may cause discolouration inside the shoes.
  5. The degree of slip wear will affect the life of the work shoes according to the number of frictions. Please confirm the bottom wear mark point.
  6. If it is worn to a certain extent, it will lead to a decrease in slip resistance.


【Shoe Care】

  1. Do not use strong detergents such as bleach to cause deterioration of the material.
  2. When stained, wipe it with a cloth dampened with water or warm water. Do not use a brush to clean it. Do not soak it.
  3. Do not use the washing machine to wash or dry clean.
  4. Do not use the dryer and high-temperature electrical appliances to force dry.

Brand: AHBuffet

Made In Taiwan

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Chef Kitchen Clogs AH09